Yingkou Cynovate Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Talent cultivation1.Once the year's college student join in the company, the personalized training plan will be set up by designated person,human resources and the department,
and the plan will be timely revised according to the acceptance and growth of the students.
2. Education allowance is set in the salary system. The income of college students starts from a competitive point within the region and increases year by year.
3. The reserve talents will be assessed by the professional assessment and annual report, continuously test the growth of reserve talents, and select outstanding talents.
4. The talent pool is updated aperiodically, and the growth of all the reserve cadres in the talent pool is tracked constantly.
5. Share talents among all companies of the Group to enlarge the stage for reserve talents to play their roles.
6. Promote the training model of laying a good foundation at the grass-roots level and then gradually improving.



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